Washington Environmental Practices Impact Gravel Pits

Chambers Bay #6TAccording to The News Tribune, Puget Sound area municipalities are having to balance the needs of their growing populations with the impact to their ecosystems.  At the heart of the debate is whether sand and gravel mines are going to be allowed in Western Washington, with many opponents asserting that the Puget Sound is simply too complex an environment to support these installations.  Proponents of gravel mines argue that they are a necessary element of development.

This article outlines the growing tension between powerful environmental lobbies and the business community.  At present, organizations such as People for Puget Sound are pushing for ever more limitations and environmental regulations for gravel pits.

Companies like Glacier Northwest argue that they are doing all in their power to lessen the impact to the environment that their activities produce, however, they argue that their service is necessary.  In the end, they hope that their activities will yield a net positive effect (like the Chambers Bay Golf Course).