Seattlebubbleblog: Interesting Source for Puget Sound Real Estate Info

One of my favorite websites I visit to keep a pulse on the Puget Sound residential real estate market is the Seattlebubbleblog. Its founder and editor is Seattle resident named Timothy Ellis who goes by the blog name “The Tim.”

Seattle_skyline_nightThe blog has daily posts which include some great graphs, charts and analysis of the Puget Sound real estate market.  What makes the posters on the Seattle Bubble Blog unique is their credibility.  They were one of a few vocal media sources in Washington State that consistently and loudly predicted the current real estate crash before it happened.  In addition to good posts and analysis by “The Tim,” the comment section provides a lively discussion about Puget Sound real estate issues.  *Be aware homeowner: many of the comments made are from bloggers who predict continued steep declines in the Puget Sound real estate – so the blog isn’t for the faint of heart.

The effect of local and federal laws as they relate to the residential real estate market in the Puget Sound area are also frequently discussed by the blog posters and authors with links to news articles and additional resources.